Unsecured Business Loan

Unsecured Bank Loan Program

No Collateral Loan

Quick Approval and Closing Process. No SBA Franchise Approval or Financial Performance Reports Needed.

Unsecured Loan Program Details

Pain Free Business Financing for Qualified Borrowers

  • Credit score across all 3 bureaus must be 700 or above with good credit usage history
  • No requirement of owner/operator proximity or industry experience
  • No downpayment expectation or evaluation of cash reserves
  • No real estate pledge required - loan is completely unsecured
  • 2 Years Tax returns and last 3 pay stubs required for pre-qualification
  • Each spouse (if working) may qualify for 1 to 2 times adjusted gross income that has been shown for 2+ yrs.
  • Funds can be pooled together by multiple owners to obtain total amount needed
  • 1 day pre-approval with soft credit pull with a 3-4 week window from pre-approval to final funding
  • No business tax returns or financial reports (P&L or Balance Sheet) evaluation required
  • No restrictions, no financial projections, no business plan or explanation of experience in local market
  • No landlord or Contractor documents required
  • Fees:  No upfront fees. One fee based on a set percentage of the final loan amount. Paid at final funding

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    What About SBA Loans?

    Below are some of the criteria you must meet and documentation you must provide when applying for an SBA loan.


    SBA Loan Requirements (some are negotiable and lender specific)

    • Credit score across all 3 bureaus 685 to 700 (above 70 preferred)
    • Must be owner/operator involved in daily operation and living near store location
    • Equity injection (down-payment requirement) 10% to 20% (most lenders require 20%)
    • Additional liquid capital reserves required (10% to 20% of loan amount - in addition to down-payment)
    • Retirement funds cannot be “borrowed from” for equity injection. (401K ROBS plan must be done properly)
    • Real estate to pledge (primary home, rental property or other (most SBA lenders now require this)
    • Tax return evaluation:  3 Years personal Tax returns and 3 years Corporate Tax Returns
    • All Businesses of all owners with 20% ownership in other companies (3 years of other company Tax returns)
    • Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet for prior year and current within 30 days of application
    • Corporate Tax returns must show net profit (once depreciation/amortization/interest added back)
    • Applicants must show industry experience in retail or food service management or franchise experience
    • Applicants must submit well organized business plan and 2 - 3 years financial projections (year 1 monthly)
    • If moving to a new State applicants must be ready to explain past experience in understanding the market)
    • Be ready for a long underwriting process and a long closing process with dozens of documents to submit
    • Landlords must comply with subordination form and Contractors must supply up to 2 dozen documents
    • Fees: Broker Fee, Bank Packaging Fee, Construction Management/Monitoring Fee, Closing Fees, Lien Search Fees, SBA Fees
    • Annual financial reports must be submitted to the lender throughout the term of the loan. No pre-payment penalty

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