Unsecured Bank Loan Program

Borrow up to 150K (250K for well qualified borrowers) unsecured

Unsecured Bank Loan Program


Borrow up to 150K (250K for well qualified borrowers) unsecured

Unsecured funds to start a new business or expand an existing business

An Unsecured Bank Loan can be an excellent way to fund a start-up business or to expand an existing business.  Unsecured loans provide the capital needed without the requirement to provide collateral to obtain the funding.  Unsecured loans do not require a cash injection or a down payment and the use of funds is unrestricted.   The loans can be used for business and/or personal use.  Many business owners apply for the Unsecured Bank Loan program to pay a franchise fee, to purchase equipment and to use the funds as Working Capital. The loans offer the added benefit of no prepayment penalties. For those who do not qualify for SBA or other loans, the Unsecured Bank Loan program is a great option. 

The qualification requirements depend upon the creditworthiness and income of the borrower. Borrowers should have credit scores over 680 across all three bureaus and no history of bankruptcy or foreclosure. 

The Unsecured Bank Loan program provides a 5 Year Term with interest rates between 6% and 9.9%. A longer-term of 7 years is an available option with interest rates between 7.9% and 12.9%.  The interest rates as well as the payments are fixed for the entire term of the loan.  Fixed rates provide peace of mind that the SBA Express Loans and 7A loans cannot provide (as SBA loans are variable based on the WSJ Prime rate and can adjust quarterly). Our unsecured bank loans are issued by nationally known banks and credit unions. The unsecured bank loans provide fast access to funds. A direct deposit at funding can be done in 21 business days from the initial application.

5 Year or 7 Year Term

    680+ Credit Score Required

      Funding in as little as 21 days

        Unsecured Loan

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